2019 Results

In 2019 I will continue competing in the Pirelli National Superstock 600 Championship. This is run as one of the support races for the Bennetts British Superbike Championship.

7th fastest overall across the sessions, happy with the progress from last year
Qualified 7th finished race P4 and was mentioned a lot in the race commentary
1st time at this track and struggled to get a comfortable setting. Got settings wrong for race, as the track dried was running out of front suspension travel and ran out of brakes a couple of times. Decided better to stop than crash as was out of the points. Still enjoyed the whole weekend, was an adventure having a big motorhome for the weekend
Not a circuit I have got the hang of and only the 2nd meeting on the new R6. Qualified 13th which considering it was only the 3rd time round here on the new bike I was happy enough with. The race was a mixed bag, the 1st start got red flagged on the 1st lap, on the restart I got pushed wide and onto the grass and ended up on the grass all the way across the infield to rejoin for the 2nd restart in damp, changing conditions ending up 14th
Not how I wanted to end the season, hi-siding and breaking my wrist, however was very happy with my pace in the dry warm up the night before, being 2nd fastest. I was getting quicker in a drying qualifying session and was on target for a much better starting position than the 20th I ended up with, if only the session hadn't been red flagged with time for another couple of laps left. I got off to a great start and had made up 6 places by the time we all entered Graham Hill Bend. I was stuck a bit on the inside and as I opened the throttle to hopefully head off up to Surtees the back end came round and hi-sided me into the rest of the pack, luckily everyone avoided me and I feel very fortunate to have escaped with only a broken wrist. Mind you after 2 seasons my faithful DRC leather are no more, the medical team had to cut them off me to get to my arm. So look out for new team colours next year.
Continued with the settings we found last season, broke the lap record by over a second
Qualified 9th spent most of race in 6th or 7th then made a mistake and ended up 12th, not happy with result  but at least I didn't crash
What is it with this track??? Last year on the 1st lap I was involved in someone elses accident and ended up with a broken collarbone, this year I got caught up in Aaron Clifford's big warm up lap crash, with me crashing onto the grass avoiding the carnage in front of me. Luckily I escaped with just bruising and wanted to race later when they restarted the race but due to the seriousness of Aaron's injuries my bike had been impounded so I couldn't race. UPDATE Aaron has finally been allowed to go back home to Ireland to continue his recovery and I and the rest of the team wish him all the best and hope to see him next season.
2 races this weekend finished 13th in race 1 and 10th in race 2, I was faster in race 2 than I had managed when I set the Bemsee lap record on the old R6 so happy with my progress on the new bike
Finished 12th overall, with 3 DNF's and a change of bike halfway thru the season so not a bad result in the end
7th in the race, would have been 5th if I hadn't made a mistake and ran wide, still 1 place up on qualifying
My favourite track! Qualified 3rd place! my best ever position. Was really looking forward to the race as felt a podium was within reach, however it turned out to be a wet race, put the wet settings in from last year and when the lights went out I got a great start, leading into Paddock Hill and into Druids. I felt great on the bike and led the race for all of the 1st lap even managing to pull away from the others but then my visor started to steam up, I was virtually blind, hung on for 7th
With my bike still impounded at Snetterton I borrowed a new R6 for this round, only collecting it on the way down. Dad, Darren and Andi got the bike ready for me and I was 9th fastest in FP1, we made some more changes for FP2 and maintained 9th. Qualified 13th , not helped by having no spare rear wheel and having to use the same tyre all the way through. Finished the race in 13th which I was happy with as never ridden the new type R6 before
Not a bad round, Qualified 8th and finished the race 8th. Weekend didn't get off to the best of starts, crashing at Coppice after only 4 laps in 1st practice, still 14th overall. Big thanks to Andi and Neil at Moto Central for getting me a replacement helmet back to track before FP2. 2nd practice stayed on for 10th.